Tatu Care



1)    Leave bandage for no less than 6 hours after the tattoo is finished.


2)    After 6 hours is up remove bandage, wash with clean wash cloth and soap and hot water, don’t burn yourself!!! Wash thoroughly till tattoo area is clean.


3)    After thoroughly washing your tattoo, pat it dry, don’t rub.  Let air dry up to 15 mins after to thoroughly dry.


4)    When dry, apply lotion to the tattoo, the Tattoo Artist recommended. Rub completely in, blot off excess. (make sure that all lotions are non-scented and dye-free.)   


 List of lotions:                        





 Pride Aftercare


5)    Within a few days the tattoo will start to heal. It may scab lightly and peel much like a bad sunburn healing. Be sure not to pick!!!


6)    Use your common sense in healing your tattoo, if you have no common sense let us know.


7)    Dot not expose new tattoo to Saunas, hot tubs, pools, direct sun, tanning beds or prolong soaking. Showers are fine.


8)    If you have any questions please contact us. Everyone is an experienced professional and will be happy to answer any and all your questions.



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